Zero to Pull Ups

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From Zero to Pull Ups. A beginner’s guide to building the strength required to do your first pull up.


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Pull Up Mate and associated products are no longer available. However, you can still get some great advice and guides on building upper body strength and endurance in our info section and Youtube Channel. 

Product Description

Pull ups are tough. We all know that. Just getting your first pull up is an achievement in itself. As an adult, you forget how much muscle is required to lift your own bodyweight, and you underestimate the strength required in your back muscles to perform a complete rep – until you attempt it. It’s that point you realise how much work you have ahead of you to get that chin above the bar.

Thankfully, not only is it a simple process to get to that point, but the results at every stage are noticeable. In just 6 weeks we’ll have you doing multiple reps, your back muscles will be massively stronger, and your physique will begin to change. Sound impossible? We promise you it’s not.

From Zero to Pull Ups is a basic pull up progression guide designed to get you firmly on your road to reps. Follow this simple 6-week guide religiously and we guarantee you’ll be there.

It’s simple, clearly explained, with no complex workouts, and not constant training. It’s designed to help you reach your goals without interfering with your work or home life.

All you need is this guide, a pull up bar, and a pinch of determination.

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Pull Up Mate: Bodyweight Training Tips and Advice from the Pros


We're very sorry, but unfortunately the Pull Up Mate is no longer available.

It’s been a long and tough road, with huge highs and difficult lows. And it’s now at an end. 

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