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Whether you’re male or female, at beginner, intermediate or advanced training level, Pull Up Mate X is for you.
Say goodbye to gym memberships, fad diets, and false promises. Say hello to the last workout guide you’ll ever need…


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Pull Up Mate and associated products are no longer available. However, you can still get some great advice and guides on building upper body strength and endurance in our info section and Youtube Channel. 

Product Description

Pull Up Mate X: a complete week-by-week optimised training and nutrition plan for men and women

  • Train smarter: use over 280 exercises to optimise fitness, strength and muscle gain
  • Eat better: easily adopt the diet and healthy nutrition your body needs
  • Improve faster: start a full, 12-week, body transformation schedule

Pull Up Mate X brings together the plans, techniques and expert guidance you need to start training smarter, eating better and rapidly achieve visible transformative body changes. Feel fitter, stronger, healthier and leaner than you’ve ever been – backed by the knowledge to continuously maintain and improve all the gains you make.

Whether you’re male or female, at beginner, intermediate or advanced training level, Pull Up Mate X is for you. Say goodbye to gym memberships, fad diets, and false promises. Say hello to the last workout guide you’ll ever need…

Train smarter

Get 60 different workouts that train your entire body using just your Pull Up Mate. Build core strength and muscle quickly, efficiently and safely with structured exercise plans. Learn how to execute vital stretches properly, minimise injury risk. Use our cardio advice to understand fitness, performance and recovery alongside fitness tests and the statistics tracker to monitor your progress. Want workouts targeting specific muscle groups? Simply turn to the exercise library detailing 280 activities with clear ‘how to’ pictures.

Eat better

Plan and prepare wholesome, healthy calorie-controlled meals easily and with confidence. Diet is one of the most influential components of weight change. Compiled by a registered dietician adopt realistic, sustainable balanced nutrition plans: six different energy levels let you match your dietary intake to your gender, body frame and build.

Improve faster

Committed and determined? Fast-track your new physique with the optional 12-week transformation. Our proven pathway applies the workout and diet plans in tandem. Achieve the optimum results for your body and build rapidly. See visible definition improvements alongside fitness, strength and performance gains.


  • INTRODUCTION – A guide to fitness, choosing a workout plan and the terminology used in the plans. Important pre-reading before embarking on any of the workouts.
  • WEEKLY PLANNER – Our template for planning a week’s worth of exercise including our favourite structures as examples.
  • WORKOUT PACKS – Separate packs of male and female weekly workout plans for different abilities.
  • WORKOUT PLANS – Individual and sets of complementary workouts. Includes start and finish position photos for each exercise.
  • STRETCHES – Our comprehensive library of stretches and an easy-to-follow protocol for pre and post workout stretching.
  • CARDIO PLAN – The guide to cardio and how to fit it in alongside your Pull-Up Mate workouts.
  • EXERCISE LIBRARY – A full list of all 280 exercises in the plan, categorised by the body part they work: back; biceps; triceps; chest; shoulders; core & abs; grip; quads; glutes; hamstrings; calves; and full body (plyometrics). Use it for reference, to find exercises for lagging body parts or get creative by making your own workouts.
  • FITNESS TESTS AND STATISTICS TRACKER – Tests to measure your progress and improvement plus tracking sheet to log the dates and results.
  • 12-WEEK TRANSFORMATION – Our guide to using the workouts and diet plans provided to transform your body in just 12 weeks.


  • INTRODUCTION – Explanation of a healthy diet, definitions of different types of foods, calorie information, tips and more.
  • RECIPES – Detailed recipes for meals found in the meal plans. Make healthy dieting delicious!
  • MEAL PLANS – 2-week meal plans with four different calorie variations: 1800 kcal; 2300kcal; 2600kcal 3000 kcal. Remove guesswork and mealtime planning stress with perfectly balanced nutrition designed to get results.


David Bissell

Pull Up Mate X is produced and designed by Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer David Bissell, a WBFF Pro & Gymbox Platinum Trainer.

Paul McArdle

Dietary advisor: Registered Nutritionist Paul McArdle BSc (Hons) MA RD MBDA has over 16 years’ experience working in the NHS and is a diabetes specialist.

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We're very sorry, but unfortunately the Pull Up Mate is no longer available.

It’s been a long and tough road, with huge highs and difficult lows. And it’s now at an end. 

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