The third part in our series focusing on beginner to intermediate training techniques to help you get the most out of your Pull Up Mate.
Video Three - Freestyle Workout

Beginner to Intermediate Training Series – Part 3


Video Transcription


What’s good people, right now we are about to go to the park. It’s a nice decent day so why not take your Pull Up Mate outside. Again, as you guys seen my previous videos and this is number three so we are doing a bit of a freestyle work out today. Just because it’s nice weather and I wanna get outside and kind of get active.



People we are now here, in my infamous spot, which is in my park, as you guys should know by now if you already have a Pull Up Mate it only takes a few minutes to set up and I’ve also got a special guest in this video just to mix up a little bit and to make it a little bit different.  I know that a lot of people who watch this are female, so I thought It makes sense to bring a girl along and do an actual workout together. I’ll probably do some of this video as a little bit kind of tutorial base in some parts but over all hopefully you guys enjoy the video. And, if you don’t know who I am by now my name is ChillinwithTJ, well, that’s my brand name on YouTube and Instagram and all those things. So if you wanna follow me feel free to check me out on there But right now we are going to set up the Pull Up Mate.

Pull Ups / Assisted Pull Ups

Alright people, first off what we’ll going to do is some pull ups and if you are a female and does this, cause obviously my friend Karine’s going to demonstrate as well. If you are a female that can’t do pull up there's two variation that you can do. If you are not in to gym you can invest in some resistance bands which help support your weight so it’s not like you’re fighting against gravity by yourself. Or you can have someone else with you gently assist you. And, today I'm going to show you me gently assisting Karine doing pull ups purely because it cost no money, it’s free (unlike resistance bands).

So as I said we are going to demonstrate doing the assisted pull up. Feel free to get your boyfriend, your brother, your dad or your friend to help you assist you with this exercise.

I want to demonstrate that Karine can’t actually do pull ups first.

(Karine effortlessly performs her first pull up!)

. Nice one!

Anyway, we wanna try and get your chin above the bar to make sure you get the right range of motion to our exercise. So now I’ll show you how assistance can help you. We are going to aim for around three sets of five. The key is not to fully support [them] and offer at least a little bit of assistance.

We are going to do three sets of that and the main thing is as you saw I wasn’t doing the whole motion only when it’s like she gets to the top, like your chin goes over the bar. So, you should only assist the person when you know they are struggling. Don’t do the whole motion for them, it’s not a chest press for you, it’s meant to be a back exercise for her. So she’s going to do three more sets of that and I’ll show you obviously how you can do it without assistance.

Wide Grip Pull Ups

So now we’ll going to show you doing some wide grip pull ups. The same thing again, but from the reverse so that you can kind of see the motions, and the back gains!

As you can tell wide grip pull ups are definitely harder because you are not using as much as your biceps, so bear that in mind when you do these two exercises. Maybe start off with the wide grip or choose one or the other. Now, in case you are wondering sort of work out we are doing today, to be honest, we are doing a bit of a freestyle; there’s no set in what we are doing, like a bit of everything really just kind of getting the blood flowing, it’s a nice day to do a work out outside.

Leg Raises & Knee Raises

Before we start doing some of the pressing exercises and move the Pull Up Mate down, what I’m going to do is some abs exercises while it’s still up in the air. So, the two variations you can always do when it comes to this machine you can do hanging leg raises or hanging knee raises. I used to always say that hanging leg raises were harder but if you do the hanging knee raise correctly I feel like they can be just as hard If not harder, because you need to really pivot. A lot of people with the hanging knee raises, sometimes they just kind of do that which is moving their knees high, which is fine but, you can really step it up a bit further and pivot your waist; like really rotate your ass up, you’ll really get a better contraction.

So you really squeeze you core that much more. So if you think about it it’s almost like a reverse crunch. Because in a crunch you are really squeezing you core.

When it comes to doing that exercise,  f you haven’t enough core strength to pivot then that’s fine; stick to the standard knee raise or hanging leg raises. But if you can definitely try it out because you’ll definitely engage your core a lot more and you’ll feel a lot more of a burn in your stomach, like, it really does tire you out.

Push Ups

Karine: Alright guys, so now we’re going to do pushups. And I know a lot of girls don’t like training their upper half. But it does help overall with your whole physique.

HIIT Exercises

Now we’re going to move into a little bit of heat exercise just kind of keep your heart rate up, and one thing you can do on here which is basically, well I’ll show you now, it’ll make sense.

Bear in mind that you should only do this if you have the capability to. If you are not comfortable, or you’re not confident maybe skip this exercise. So, you get here and basically what you’re going to do is jump over. And the thing here is instead of counting repetitions I feel like it’s better to do seconds otherwise you’ll just going to be counting ridiculously.

So what we’ll do is set a timer and do 30 seconds of each of those jumps, stop, 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off. I would probably say do 3 of 4 rounds, it depends on how long pick from the duration to do it. So, I'm going to do, probably 30 seconds or 40 seconds down. It’s tiring, I’ll tell you that right now. It’s definitely tiring but that’s the whole point, get your heart rate up.  That’s the aim, because obviously it’s a sunny day. You don’t want to be here training for ages. But most of all, find your high intensity exercises here and there, and mix it in.

Karine: Alright, because I don’t feel comfortable with that one, I'm going to do the mountain climbers. Get yourself in the push up position again, and so, and then you just pull your knees into your chest.

TJ: Alright people, hopefully you’ve enjoyed this video, we’ve shown you few various things, a freestyle kind of work out. It’s a nice summer day, get yourself active. Feel free to take your Pull Up Mate to your local parks or wherever you’ve got area or space for it, maybe in your back garden, and get a little work out in. Just get your heart rate going.  For most of the exercises that we’ve done throughout today we did at least 3 sets. I always go for, say, a range of 3 sets of 8 to 12 on most of the exercises. And for all other HIIT training things like that, I’d rather base it on seconds and minutes. You just try to put yourself into the ground and work up a good sweat.

But anyways, thanks for watching the video. Thanks to Karine for taking part. Hopefully you enjoyed the video, people. If you did, be sure to like the video and let us know below what you thought of it.


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