The Best Foods To Build Your Summer Body

Time to dial in your diet before the big Summer beach body reveal! You ready?

The Best Foods To Build Your Summer Body

Summer is just around the corner. Just a matter of weeks and you'll be on the beach. Are you ready to proudly show off your Summer body? Or do you need a few more weeks? If you still need to dial in your Summer diet, we've got your back.

Create A Deficit


Weight loss To lose body fat, you need to be in a calorie deficit. It's basic maths. The secret to success lies in creating a small daily deficit which you can maintain every day without cravings.

Google BMR and TDEE to get your total calorie needs, then take off around 10%.

Use an app like myfitnesspal to track your daily nutrition to make sure you hit that number by the end of the day. Try to eat most of your food from natural, nutrient-dense whole foods. But save 100 calories or so for a little treat every day. It'll help you stay on track with your diet and give you a much greater chance of success.


Fuel Your Workouts


Make sure you are doing regular, intense workouts to shape up your summer body. Fuel up for your weight training and cardio with the right approach to nutrition. A serving of lean protein and some fast-acting carbohydrates before your workout will give you the energy to work hard. Protein Shake as Workout Fuel

After training, get some protein in (this is the ideal time for a protein shake).

Protein At Every Meal


Summer Body Protein Rich Foods Protein is every lean dieter's best friend. It helps you feel fuller, supports lean muscle gains, and has a high TEF (thermic effect of food) ratio. Try to get a serving of protein in every meal, snack, or mini meal.

Think chicken or turkey, tuna, white fish, red meat, oily fish, eggs and egg whites, dairy (cottage cheese or Greek yoghurt), or whey protein.

Remember that your calorie deficit is key, so if you are adding extra protein to your diet, scale back a little on fat or carbohydrate to keep your calories in check.


Fresh & Seasonal


Summer is a great time to up your vegetable intake. Eat plenty of fresh, seasonal, colourful vegetables, salad ingredients, berries, and fruits every day. Aim for 1-2 servings at every main meal, and use fruit and berries with your snacks. Fresh and Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables

Fresh produce is packed with important micronutrients and fibre which will keep your digestion healthy.


The Best Foods For A Lean Summer Body



Lean animal protein: chicken and turkey, lean red meat and game meat, eggs and liquid egg whites

Dairy: cottage cheese, Greek yoghurt, Skyr, quark, and format frais

Non-animal sources: beans and pulses, lentils, tofu, tempeh



Avocado, nuts, seeds, nut butter, olive oil, coconut oil



Grains: oats and oatbran, rice, cous cous, quinoa

Potatoes, sweet potatoes, new potatoes

Root vegetables

Wraps, rye bread, pitta bread


Fresh Produce

Plenty of vegetables, leafy green vegetables, colourful veggies

Salad leaves and salad ingredients

Fresh and frozen berries


Eat whatever is in season, and try visiting farmers markets or farm shops to discover different types of vegetables and fruit.