A new series focusing on beginner to intermediate training techniques to help you get the most out of your Pull Up Mate.
Video One - Back, Biceps, and Abs.

  Beginner to Intermediate Training Series – Part 1

Video Transcription

Right people, this is going to be the start of a new series and basically, if you don't know who I am, my name is TJ, I have a YouTube channel all about fitness, it's called Chilling with TJ and today I thought why not do something a little bit different? It's a nice day, nice and bright outside. So, I thought, well I'm going to do is use the pull up mate outside instead of doing in my house like I usually do.

All right guys as you saw I've put together the Pull Up Mate right now. It took maybe three minutes to put together. It's really easy and it's really portable. So, what I'm going to do today is probably go for a back and biceps and abs routine, but you can kind of do whatever, you have your machine with you. Okay so what I'm going do is start off by showing you probably around three or four different variations of pull-ups and how you can do them. And basically, for everything I'm about to do in this video is going to be three sets of maybe eight to 10 reps.

  Wide Grip Pull Ups

All right guys, as you just saw me to do, I did three sets of 10. If you can't do 10 reps, feel free to start off with like 6 or 8. The main thing is for the whole three sets is make sure you do the same amount of reps and then overtime as it becomes easier, then you can increase the reps or if you have like a dumbbell you can put them between your legs and then it's like a weighted kind of pull up as well. And the next one we're going to move on to now is the neutral grip and then we're going to do the chin up and just show you a few variations.

  Neutral Grip Pull Ups

All right next up is going to be a neutral grip pull-up. As you can see, this one is different to the wide grip. The wide grip is a lot more emphasis on your laps. This one's going to be more in the inner middle part of your back. Same thing again- 10 reps.

  Chin Ups

That actually was difficult, didn't know that I was gonna make it. But anyways, you've done 10 reps now and as I said, three sets of 10 reps, believe me, after you get to the very end, you'll feel a very big, big, big super pump in your back. Next up, what we're going to do is chin ups now, emphasis is more on the biceps as well. See, this is where your biceps kind of come into play.

  Supine Row / Inverted Row

OK. What we're going to do now is a little bit of rows or some people call it inverted pull-ups. So, we're going to roll a bit forward...

  Leg Raises

All right next up, what we're going to do is put the machine back up and now they're going to do some Ab exercises. These maybe a bit difficult for you so they may take time to learn. I'm going to still do like eight to 10 reps, but for you guys, feel free to start off with like five or six. I prefer to use it with the neutral grip. All you to do is pull yourself up a bit, if you're tall, and lean.

  Knee Raises

If that's too difficult, feel free to do knee raises instead of leg raises. It's a little bit easier. But while you do the same thing again, except for you bring the knees to your chest.

All right guys, and that is now everything I'm showing you today for these back and bicep routines. There aren't many other alternatives. Next slides I can show you guys- I want to show you like what kind of routines you can do. Kind of follow yourselves. The next episode I may do chest and triceps. Feel free to let me know in the comments below. But all I want to say is it was a good little workout. As you can see, I'm kind of taxed and that's just me filming, so imagine when you actually do the full routine from the beginning to end in one go. So, all I want to say is you've got a Pull Up Mate feel free to take it out and use it outside of your house, especially when it's a good sunny day. The fresh air will really help you during your exercise as well. Anyways, I'm gone. Thanks for watching and feel free to follow me on my social networks (below).
Want to keep up with me? It's 'Chilling with TJ' and big thanks to Pull Up Mate.