How To Maintain Your Cardio Training During Winter

Even the most determined fitness fan can find it tough to keep up cardio over Winter. Its cold, dark, and the sofa is calling your name. Here's how to make cardio appealing at this time of year!
Maintain Cardio Training In Winter

Take It Indoors

For many people, the idea of going outside for a run or bike ride in Winter is enough to keep them glued to the sofa. So give yourself a warmer option. By designing a cardio session which keeps you inside the gym or your own home, you can erase the 'too cold' excuse altogether.


No Gym Required

Cardio at the gym is one way to get around the 'too cold' and 'too dark' excuses. But there's actually no need to head to the gym at all. You can get some killer cardio sessions in at home, which will cut down on commuting time and nix yet another Winter workout excuse!


Home Fitness Equipment

With just a couple pieces of home fitness equipment, you can design a bodyweight cardio circuit which will maintain your fitness over Winter. Parallel bars would be our choice for the best home fitness equipment for cardio. Try this circuit (perform it 3-4 times, with 2 minutes between each full circuit).


  1. 6-12 pull ups or chin ups
  2. 12-15 dips (focusing on chest)
  3. 10-12 inverted rows
  4. 12-15 knee tucks or leg raises
  5. 8-12 triceps dips
  6. 30-second L-hold


No Kit Required

No fitness kit? No problem. You can get in a really decent cardio session with absolutely no fitness kit. All you need it your own body weight. An effective cardio session must raise your heart-rate and pump blood around your body by using as many muscle groups as possible. Easily done if you try this bodyweight circuit.


  1. 40-50 walking lunges
  2. 10 x burpee jumps
  3. 12 press ups
  4. 10 tuck jumps
  5. 15 bodyweight squats
  6. 30-60s plank hold

Rest for 60 seconds and then repeat the circuit.


Got any tips for maintaining motivation during winter?
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