Get Ready For Summer 2017 With 6 Easy Everyday Habits

2017 is here, and it’s time to think about your Summer body. Just 6 daily habits will help you reveal your best Summer body yet.

Get Ready For Summer With 6 Easy Everyday Habits

Sculpting your Summer body is about more than eating right and working out. Real-life fat loss relies on lifestyle habits which make living the lean lifestyle easy. Here are 6 surprising habits of slim people: add one per week and unveil your best Summer body.

Pause Your Eating

Ever noticed how some people eat more slowly? Chances are, they’re the naturally slim people in your life. Try this: pause halfway through your meals. Put your cutlery down, and finish your mouthful. Pause and assess your hunger levels. Then either finish your meal, or leave a little on the plate. You don’t always have to finish your meal. Tune in, and stop as soon as you’re full.

Get Moving!

Workouts are key for fat loss, but so is everyday activity. So during a fat loss phase, move more! Get outside every day. Walk more often. Do local errands on foot (or by bike). Take your dog for an extra walk. Walk around the block between work chores. Tackle hefty DIY jobs or do more gardening. It really does all count.

Feng Shui Your Kitchen

OK, so maybe feng shui isn’t necessary, but the layout of your kitchen will effect your diet. Take some time to assess your current layout, and rearrange. If you know you can’t resist overeating certain foods, clear them out for the duration of your fat loss diet. Put healthy foods at the front of cupboards and at eye level. Put treat foods high up, at the back, or out of sight. Don’t put tempting items like sweets in clear jars. Consider freezing treats like chocolate - it promotes natural portion control. Stock your fridge with plenty of fresh vegetables and lean protein. Make it easier to grab healthy choices than it is to nibble on treat foods.

Plan For Success

Your Summer body won’t happen by accident. Plan for fat loss just as you already plan your workouts. Plan your meals for the week, do food prep once or twice a week,  and write grocery lists before you shop. Set lifestyle goals like bedtimes, early nights, walks, and extra activity. Write your targets down and then keep track of your progress.

Track Your Progress

How will you know how well you’re doing unless you keep track? Creating your Summer body can seem like slow progress. But in reality, lots is happening! Keep note of every positive habit you achieve and every bit of progress you make. Track bedtimes, sleep quality, servings of fruit and vegetables, outdoors walks, how much water you’ve drunk. You get the idea. That way, you won’t be relying on scale weight to celebrate success.

Sleep For Fat Loss!

Sleep is free, easy, and accessible to all of us. And it’s a secret weapon for fat loss. When we get enough good quality sleep, it feels easier to make better food choices, snack less, and avoid excess calories. Sleep actually helps balance the hormones that govern hunger, food cravings, hunger, and how much we move during the day. Develop a good sleep routine, get to bed a little earlier, and minimise light and noise in the bedroom.


Do you have a plan in mind for preparing for the summer? Let us know your tips in the comments below!