5 Ways to Maximise Your Pull Ups with the Pull Up Mate

The Pull Up Mate gives you body the ultimate workout, all in the comfort of your own home. But how do you use it effectively and make the most out of this fantastic product? Here's our 5 top tips to maximise the effectiveness of the Pull Up Mate, and make your exercises as efficient and effective as they can be.

> Eat the right food

To get the most out of your pull-up mate, you need to use it as part of a wider fitness plan that you carry out whilst eating a healthy, balanced diet. You'll find that if you are carrying excess body fat, your ability to do pull-ups will be significantly reduced, so you won't be able to make the most of your Pull Up Mate. Eat right, train.

> Warm up

You should warm up before any exercise. The purpose of warming up is to raise the temperature of your muscles and the body in general to prepare for physical activity. By doing some low level exercise and stretching that achieves this will make your workout more effective, you'll be at significantly less risk of injury and you should also see your body recover quicker after exercise, especially if you warm down after.

> Use a variety of grips

As effective as the traditional pull up and chin up are, they aren't one of the most flexible exercises you can do. However, by using the Pull Up Mate, the frame gives you a wide variety of positions to place your grip. These subtle changes enable you to target different muscle groups and enjoy an array of different training positions.

> Use a variety of rep ranges

Ideally, you want to be aiming to be able to do a lot of pull ups on your new machine, and your training should be done with this in mind. You need to develop strength and endurance. To build strength, this is done with low reps, perhaps with a weighted vest or belt. Endurance can be improved with high reps. You could use the Pull Up Mare with bands with a variety of tensions and help you build up your number of reps.

> Improve your grip

It can be worth investing in a grip trainer to go along with your new Pull Up Mate. You'll find that pull ups are much easier to do if you have a good grip. You can have all the strength in the world in the rest of your body but it's not going to do you any good if your grip lets you down. Improve this and it will let you train longer, harder and more effectively.