Just 10 minutes is all you need to strengthen your core and develop better abs at home. Ready?

10-Minute At Home Abs & Core Workout

Forget hundreds of sit ups and endless boring crunches. Smart athletes know that developing a stronger core, flattening the stomach, and bringing out six-pack abs needs a little-and-often approach. We’ve put together a 10-minute ab workout you can do at home with nothing but your body weight and your Pull Up Mate.

The Circuit

Perform your abs and core circuit either at the end of your regular workout, or add it in throughout the day. The beauty of 10 minutes is that you can fit it in any time (and – if you have a Pull Up Mate – anywhere!)

  •   8 reps hanging leg raise
  •   8 reps toes-to-bar
  •   16 reps (alternate legs) bicycle leg raise
  •   If possible: windscreen wipers (as many as possible)
  •   12 V-sits
  •   30 second plank hold

  Take a 10 second rest between exercises (as you move into position for the next), and take 60 seconds rest after the plank hold.

  Repeat the circuit 3-4 times within the 10 minute window.

The Exercises

Hanging leg raise

Hang from the pull up bar with your palms facing forward. Crunching at the hips, lift your legs out in front of you. Keep your legs together at the knees and ankles. Either have them straight or (for a modified version), bent at the knees.


Start in the same position as a hanging leg raise. Crunch at the hips and breathe out as you lift your toes towards the bar. To progress the movement, pause at the top and hold, before lowering your legs with control.

Bicycle leg raise

Start as for a hanging leg raise. Bend one leg at the knee and bring it towards the opposite arm pit. As you move that leg back to the start position, repeat the move with the other leg. Do this in a continual movement, in a bicycling movement.

Windscreen wipers

This is a challenging movement, so work up to it over time. Start as with a hanging leg raise. Lift your legs up in front of you, with your legs straight and together. Without lowering them, move them from side to side, in a windscreen wiper movement. Maintain control through the move, and don’t take your legs too far to either side.


Sit on the floor with your torso leaning slightly back. Bend your knees so your weight is on your bum and your feet. Lift your feet off the ground and lift your shins so they are parallel to the floor. Hold your body in this position, and extend your feet so your body and legs form a V-shape. From here, lower and raise your legs with control (whilst leaning slightly backwards). For a modified version, keep the knees bent and the shins parallel to the floor, and perform a V-sit by taking your knees away from the body, and bringing them back in.

Plank hold

From hands and knees, walk your feet out behind you. Your weight should be on your hands (fingers facing forwards) and feet (toes tucked under). Keep your body straight, with spine straight from tail bone to head. Don’t dip your hips or raise your back up. Draw your belly to your spine as you hold this plank position.