Free Standing Pull Up Bar & Dip Station

Get yourself into the shape of your life with Pull Up Mate!

Are you looking to drop a few kgs, lose that belly, build some pecs and develop a shape you will be proud to show off? Pull Up Mate is all you need. With hundreds of workout routines available (check out the video), yet the basics of pull ups and dips always there to fall back on, Pull Up Mate is the solution.

It’s a chin up station, dip station and sturdy full-height pull up bar in one.

Instead of getting home tired from work and having to slog everything up to the gym, Pull Up Mate allows you to workout in your own front room, with your own music, and your own self-determination.

Pull Up Mate is strong, yet lightweight and easy to assemble. It can be packed away flat; hidden in the cupboard or behind the sofa, and brought out and put together in just a few short minutes.

Pull Up Mate is Proudly Manufactured in the UK 

  Proudly manufactured in the UK  

We Deliver to Europe

  Delivered all over Europe

Pull Up Mate Payment Options

Pull Up Mate - Portable Pull Up Bar

We Deliver All Over Europe

Please Allow 5 Days For Delivery Unless Otherwise Stated

Pull Up Mate - How It Works

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    Pull Up Mate is a revolution in portable and storable home exercise equipment. With its easy to assemble and disassemble frame, allowing it to be packed away almost flat, Pull Up Mate enables you to carry out a range of exercises on one single piece of equipment in your own home.

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    The workouts you perform work your body against itself, with your own body mass providing the resistance. You can make exercises more or less difficult simply by changing body and grip position. Once you have finished, you can pack away Pull Up Mate easily within 60 seconds and store it for the next workout.

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    Being heavily tested by fitness professionals, Pull Up Mate is guaranteed to get your physique just how you want it, with cardio and muscle-burning workout techniques that push your body to its limit, without stressing your wallet. 


We Deliver All Over Europe

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Hundreds of Potential Exercises


Can the wide grip pull up mate be used when compact as well as extended?

Yes, the wide grip can be used for dips etc when compact and ful full regular pull ups when extended.

What is the maximum weight a person should be to use Pull Up Mate?

We recommend 110kg for both the standard and the wide pull up mate

How compact is Pull Up Mate?

Pull Up Mate when disassembled will easily fit under a standard bed or behind a sofa. It will easily fit into a car.

What exercises can you use Pull Up Mate for?

You can use Pull Up Mate for a almost endless range of exercises and fitness techniques. For example: vertical straight knee raises, vertical bent knee raises, vertical straight leg raises, vertical bent leg raises, supine row, pull ups, modified pull ups, press ups, assisted press ups, modified press ups, and so on.

Do you deliver to Europe?

Yes, we deliver worldwide.

Can Pull Up Mate be used for muscle ups?

We don't recommend muscle ups because Pull Up Mate is designed to be portable.

We Deliver All Over Europe


John mclaughlin


Excellent product

It's a tough workout but very effective, hits all your muscles in a single session without having to run across a gym to different machines for a HIIT workout. Also fun trying new exercises that I wouldn't have thought of before. Highly recommend.



The best home chinny bar on the market.

Ive had the pullup mate for a little over a month.. This is by far the best home chinny bar on the market, Im guessing its your own design.. spot on mate really sturdy and highly versatile.. Well worth the money Im really pleased with it.

Will Keeble


Solid piece of kit

We've had great fun in the office with the pull-up mate, which I bought because I had trouble finding a low pull-up bar
for the "horizontal pull" step of the Convict Conditioning (CC) bodyweight programme. So far the equipment has proved very useful for that and a number of other earlier CC steps and since I paid a bit extra for the extending version it will last all the way through the programme to one-armed pull ups, should I get that far. The pull-up mate is easy to assemble and extremely sturdy and well-built, so I expect I'll be using it for many years to come.

Carol Barbero


Perfect mate

So easy to get an addiction with lots of different exercises. Design is simple and strong. Very happy with my choice. Service and price also brilliant. PS : i put stickers all over and it looks very cool in the flat

Jon Stevens


Works a charm

While I was skeptical to begin with, for the price I thought it was worth a try. I'm happy to say I was wrong. It's great for loads of different exercises and is much more manageable in my front room than the big dip stations I was looking at getting before.

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We Deliver All Over Europe


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