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Pull Up Mate Base Upgrade

The Pull Up Mate Pull Up Bar & Dip Station

Are you looking to drop a few lbs, lose that extra layer, build your chest and develop a body structure you can be proud of? Pull Up Mate is all you need. With hundreds of workout routines available, yet the basics of pull ups and dips always there to practice and perfect, Pull Up Mate is the solution.

It's a pull up station, compact dip station and sturdy full-height pull up bar in one.

Instead of getting home tired from work and having to drag everything up to the gym, Pull Up Mate allows you to workout in your own home, with your own music, and your own self-determination.

Pull Up Mate is strong, yet lightweight and easy to assemble. It can be packed away flat; hidden in a cupboard or behind the couch, and brought out and put together in just a few short minutes.

Proudly manufactured in the UK

How It Works

Easy to assemble

Easy to assemble

Pull up Mate is a revolution in portable and  storable home exercise equipment. With its easy to assemble and disassemble frame, allowing it to be packed away almost flat, Pull Up Mate enables you to carry out a range of exercises on one single piece of equipment in your own home.

Gravity does the work

Gravity does the work

The workouts you perform work your body against itself, with your own body mass providing the resistance. You can make exercises more or less difficult simply by changing body and grip position. Once you have finished, you can pack away Pull Up Mate easily within 60 seconds and store it for the next workout.

60 seconds to stow away

60 seconds to stow away

Being heavily tested by fitness professionals, Pull Up Mate is guaranteed to get your physique just how you want it, with cardio and muscle-burning workout techniques that push your body to its limit without stressing your wallet.

Pull Up Mate

The revolutionary Pull Up Mate; the original, affordable home fitness solution offers you the chance to workout in a massive variety of ways on your own equipment, in your own time, to your own rules. Available now with wide-grip forms as standard, the Pull Up Mate costs from as little as $129.95 plus delivery, and is built to last a lifetime.

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Parallettes from Pull Up Mate are great for loads of exercises and an excellent tool for those who love callisthenics as well as gymnastics. From Push Ups to L Sits and Hand Stands our parallettes will seriously advance your training. Great value and very compact, these will last a lifetime.

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Portable Parallel Bars

Portable Parallel Bars are lightweight but very strong there are lots exercises that can be achieved and even more as you get stronger. Another great piece of equipment if you love bodyweight exercises. Our parallel bars fit in the Pull Up Mate bag so you can take your training literally anywhere.

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