Pull Up Mate - Kit De Extensão De Altura

Pull Up Mate - Kit De Extensão De Altura

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Pull Up Mate Height Extension Kit


Extension Kit

Turn your standard Pull Up Mate into a tall version, producing a whole 2.3m height with a stable base.

This kit includes 2 extender bars, each over 400mm in length, with 2 additional clips, to increase your Pull Up Mate's height by 315mm, allowing you to perform full range pull ups from standing anywhere.

This provides a great structure for hollow pull ups, as well as providing an ideal pull up bar for taller people. Everyone should have the opportunity for a great bodyweight workout at home!

Note: The extension kit is designed for the re-imagined, new-generation base for maximum stability. If you’re using the old, flat, square base this may not be ideal for improving your pull up mate. If you’re uncertain, get in touch and we’ll be sure to help!

Max user weight: 105Kgs


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