Your Body Rocks

Your Body Rocks


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An Exciting New Way To Devastate Your Muscles With Extreme Intent.

Upper body; biceps, lats, triceps, core activation, and even quads. Your Body Rocks is a tough workout that challenges muscles you never thought you had!

Your Body Rocks

Bringing not only balance, but also grip-width and side-focus, Your Body Rocks incorporates strength, calisthenics, gymnastics and more.

If you're a beginner, push ups aren't easy. But once you can knock out 40 in a single shot, you need to start looking for more ways to get the same effective benefit from this exercise.

Anyone who has tried incorporating exercise balls into their push ups knows that once you bring balance into the equation, this simple exercise becomes a very difficult workout. Push ups are tough again.

Your Body Rocks takes this concept and steps things up by an order of magnitude.

Push ups, tricep dips, handstands; they all become extremely challenging to achieve because they require activating a huge range of muscles to do so; muscles you're not used to working.

Order yours today and open up your training into new, unexplored territory. You're going to feel the burn!


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