Pull Up Mate II

Pull Up Mate II


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Pull Up Mate 2 - Home Calisthenics Equipment

Welcome to the Future of Home Calisthenics Equipment

A True Home Calisthenics Workout Tool.


Ready to get advanced and invest in your bodyweight workouts?

PUM2 Calisthenics Equipment


The Pull Up Mate 2 has arrived, offering an even more effective base for your calisthenics training. With a stronger platform and strengthened supports, this product is ready for advanced gymnastic exercises – the most complete tool for home bodyweight training.

If you’re ready to train for muscle ups, human flags, and front/back levers, so is the Pull Up Mate 2. This is a collapsible home workout setup for the serious strength enthusiast

Keep fit and perfect your calisthenics wherever you go with the Pull Up Mate 2 and included carry bags.

Pull Up Mate 2 Dimensions

Full Height 200cm
Base Width 142cm
Base Depth 150cm
Maximum Weight of User 150kgs

Potential Exercises

Pull Up Mate

Pull Up Mate 2

Pull Ups / Chin Ups (close/wide / neutral grip/assisted)
Inverted Row (close/wide / neutral grip)
Push Ups (standard, assisted, modified, close grip, wide grip, neutral grip, inverted)
Knee/leg raises, hanging crunch
Muscle Ups Not Recommended
Front Levers / Back Levers Not Recommended
Human Flag Training Not Recommended

Pull Up Mate 2 Side Configuration
Outdoor calisthenics equipment Pull Up Mate 2

Check out the videos below explaining assembly procedure and example exercises with champion calisthenics athlete Melanie Driessen.

Package Contents:

Pull Up Mate 2 1
Carry & Storage Bags 2


N.B. The top side struts require force to line up and insert. When assembling, hold the top bar in place and pull/push hard on the side strut to line it up before pushing it in. Don't be afraid to apply some force, the bars will not bend, this is part of the design to allow for a sturdy product once built.


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