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Pull Up Mate - Base Upgrade Kit

Pull Up Mate - Base Upgrade Kit


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Upgrade your Pull Up Mate today with the new 2017 base system!

Based on your feedback, we’ve redeveloped our base support system to enable:

   Enhanced stability;

   Increased height; and,

   Even more potential workout possibilities.

If you own a pre-June 2017 Pull Up Mate with the standard (flat) base, you’re now able to purchase an upgrade consisting of 4 parts; two curved feed and two wider foot braces. The curved (raised) feet allow for an overall height increase, as well as additional strength and support. The wider foot braces greatly improve lateral stability.

These parts are designed to be interchangeable with all versions of the Pull Up Mate.

Base Upgrade Kit Contains:

2 Raised Leg Sections (black)
2 Wider Base Feet (red)
Base Update 2017


We’re also able to provide this upgrade to any Parallel Bars previously purchased with the standard (flat) base at the same cost. Please contact us for details.


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