PM8 - Monster Pull Up Bar

PM8 - Monster Pull Up Bar


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PM8-Monster Pull Up Bar

Introducing the latest breakthrough training accessory for your Pull Up Mate!

The PM8 Monster Pull Up Bar - For those who love pull-ups!


An Ergonomically Designed replacement top bar for your Pull Up Mate, that enables you to train in a whole range of new ways.

With curved wide-grip bar ends, coupled with close and wide neutral grip bars, the range of muscles you can train and develop extends beyond the basic pull up or chin up. Now you're working a much wider range of muscles, yet also reducing the stress normally placed on tendons and joints in your upper back.

 More Exercises
 Wider Muscle Focus Range
 Less Stress On Your Body
 More Fun

The PM8 enables 8 new perfectly designed hand grip positions for your training, including: 

  1. Super Wide Pull Up
  2. Wide Pull Up
  3. Overhand Pull Up
  4. Close Overhand Pull Up
  5. Underhand Chin Up
  6. 45 Degree Chin Up
  7. Close Neutral Chin Up
  8. Wide Neutral Chin Up

Check out the video to see the new PM8 in action!

Bar width - 1400mm



N.B. Pull Up Mate (and male model) not included
PM8 Will not fit inside the standard Pull Up Mate Carry and Storage Bag


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