Pull Up Mate: Home Gym Set

Pull Up Mate: Home Gym Set


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Pull Up Mate: Home Gym Set

The Pull Up Mate Home Gym Set: a complete line-up for a complete home bodyweight workout.

This kit provides everything you need for a complete workout at less than half the price of an average gym membership. It’s also totally collapsible and comes with free storage, so you’ll never know it was there.

If you want to work out at home without spending huge amounts of cash, this kit is perfect.

With equipment ranging from the Pull Up Mate, with PM8 Monster Pull Up Bar, to parallel bars and even an exercise ball, you’ve got everything you need to progress from absolute beginner to intermediate gymnastic strength and calisthenics.

This is a perfect product for home fitness enthusiasts who want a great home workout, without the hefty price tag, or a personal trainer looking to introduce aspects of functional bodyweight training and calisthenics.

This set provides versatile, robust, reliable tools for a home workout to transform any space into your own personal gym.

The Home Gym Set Contains:

1 Pull Up Mate: Full-height Pull Up Bar & Dip Station
1 Set Parallel Bars
1 PM8 Monster Pull Up Bar
1 Set Parallettes
1 Gym Ball (65cm diameter)
1 Dip Bar Close-Grip Adapter
2 Carry & Storage bags
Home Gym Set
PM8 Pull Up Bar

This pack is ideal for personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts who are looking for a dynamic set of training apparatus that is portable, easily storable, and extremely versatile.

The variety of exercises provided by the Pull Up Mate Home Gym Set is immense; from standard and assisted push ups, neutral and negative, standard and wide-grip pull ups & chin ups, dips, standards and assisted, supinated and pronated grip inverted row, l-sits, l-sit chin ups, v-sits, planche.... The list is endless.

Check out our video for more examples.


N.B. Gym Ball colours may vary


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