Easy Grip Bar for Pull Up Mate

Easy Grip Bar for Pull Up Mate


Product Description


The Easy-Grip Bar – A smaller diameter top bar to improve grip and aid pull up progression.


Easy Grip Bar from Pull Up Mate

We’ve developed a new replacement top section for the Pull Up Mate – reducing the 38mm diameter top bar down to 31.5mm diameter. This 20% reduction in overall diameter will help people currently struggling with their pull ups and chin ups.

No longer be limited by your grip strength, the smaller diameter Easy Grip Bar provides you with more purchase for your palms, more freedom for your fingers, and more hardiness for your hands.

Be under no illusion, the Easy Grip Bar is no less strong than the standard Pull Up Mate top bar – What it does is allow a wider range of people the tools to use the Pull Up Mate as it was intended – to develop strength using bodyweight exercises.



PLEASE NOTE: This is a replacement Top Bar for the standard Pull Up Mate. Pull Up Mate base model is not included. It is also not compatible with the Pull Up Mate 2.


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