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  • Pull Up Mate & Parallel Bars Special Offer

    For only a limited time we’re offering two of our best products at a heavily discounted price, with two carry bags thrown in for good measure! Get our hugely versatile full-height pull up bar, the Pull Up Mate, alongside our new Portable Parallel Bars, and two storage bags, all in one package, for the ludicrous price of £239.95.

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  • Pull Up Mate With Storage Bag

    The Pull Up Mate free standing wide-grip pull up bar and dip station is a revolution in home exercise. Being effortless to assemble and disassemble, Pull Up Mate provides the convenience of home exercise, combined with almost limitless versatility, and the ability to hide everything away from sight once you've finished.

    The Pull Up Mate allows you to not only carry out dips, supine row exercises and leg raises. but also by extending the frame to its fullest height. you can perform full height pull ups from a standing position.

    In stock

    • Buy 2 for £114.95 each and save 12%
    • Buy 5 for £99.95 each and save 24%
  • Pull Up Mate: Home Gym Set

    The Pull Up Mate Home Gym Set is a complete set of our top fitness products, with carry bags, all for an affordable price. Turn your spare room or garage into your own dedicated training room with equipment focussed on improving core body strength and conditioning.

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  • Parallel Bars with Storage Bag

    Portable Parallel Bars are lightweight but very strong there are lots exercises that can be achieved and even more as you get stronger. Another great piece of equipment if you love bodyweight exercises. Our parallel bars fit in the Pull Up Mate bag so you can take your training literally anywhere.

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    • Buy 2 for £129.95 each and save 8%
    • Buy 5 for £119.95 each and save 15%
  • Parallettes

    Parallettes from Pull Up Mate are great for loads of exercises and an excellent tool for those who love callisthenics as well as gymnastics. From Push Ups to L Sits and Hand Stands our parallettes will seriously advance your training. Great value and very compact, these will last a lifetime.

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    • Buy 2 for £34.00 each and save 9%
    • Buy 5 for £32.00 each and save 14%
  • Pull Up Mate & Parallel Bars Carry & Storage Bag

    Do you keep having to assemble and disassemble your Pull Up Mate after every training session? Are you finding it tough to keep it in good condition when in storage as you recover from muscle soreness? Heavy-duty, durable carry bags for the safe transportation or storage of the Pull Up Mate and Portable Parallel Bars.

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  • Gym Ball

    Never underestimate the depth of training the gym ball can provide. This apparatus has the ability to target your inner core muscles like no other gym equipment. You can use this alongside our Pull Up fitness station to enhance your upper body and core workouts. Make your muscles feel the burn.

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