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Portable Parallel Bars

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Portable parallel bars from Pull Up Mate are designed to be light enough to be portable but strong enough to be stable.


The solid rectangular base enables a large range of exercises with minimal lateral movement.


For standard strength training the parallel bars offer variations on dips, inverted pull ups, leg raises and lots more.


For those who are into gymnastics and callisthenics there are many training methods to condition your body and advance your training. Now you can do this training at home, at the park, at the beach, or wherever you want to because the Parallel bars will fit in the Pull Up Mate storage bag.



Parallel Bars Base Design


Newly redesigned is the base section, which our designers have redeveloped in conjunction with fitness and calisthenics professionals to offer superior strength and stability.




Height 1.2m
Width Between Bars 52cm
Item Weight 20kgs
Max User Weight 110kgs
Base Dimensions 118cm x 124cm
Distance Between Dip Bars 52cm

Please Note: Carry & storage bag not included.

Potential Exercises:


Inverted Row ( pronated and supinated)

The inverted row looks like an upside-down push up, though is more similar to a barbell row. Hanging under the bars, both hands on a single bar, ensure that you have a straight body position all the way down your legs, with your heels resting on the floor. Lift yourself up so that the bar ends up just below your chin.


Clearly the parallel bars are a fantastic bit of kit to practice your dips on; allowing more movement than the regular Pull Up Mate, meaning that you can include variations on the standard dip, such as Russian (elbow) dips and even explosive dips.

L sits

L-Sits is an exercise that look pretty easy if you’ve never tried them before. But once you do, you realise that a highly developed core is vital in maintaining the sit. With moderate practice, 5 seconds should be possible. However, in order to maintain the sit in perfect form for 30 seconds requires dedicated training.

Tuck Planche Push Up - Advanced

Essentially a tucked push up using the parallel bars, the tuck planche push up requires great upper body strength and core muscles due to having to maintain stability, as well as holding your full body weight. Begin first by practicing the tuck planche on the ground for 15-30 seconds (stop whenever you feel pain and stretch, before starting again). Then progress to holding the position on the bars, before attempting the push up.

Here's a great video explaining the progression to the full planche by Calisthenicmovement


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best portable dipbars i ever used-
I was looking for good dipbars but it was so freaking long out of stock from your site that I just bought this and the pullup mate secondhand from a guy who could not train anymore due to injury. I got to say I have no regret buying it! These are the portable best dip /paralel bars I ever used!!
I bought the whole set for 120euro so i even saved a lot of money because I think dipbars are not worth the price of 140 pounds. That's just way too much but a whole set for 120 euro is the best ever bargain I ever gotten for such durable and strong equipment. So quality is definitely great, but the price is expensive

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