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Large 32mm hand-finished beech rings; 234mm outer diameter and 170mm inner diameter, combined with high quality 38mm straps with printed length measurements and robust safety buckles.
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Open up a new level of training with our premium wooden gymnasitics rings.


We've developed a limited batch of fitness rings, designed to be used with the Pull Up Mate 2 or independently to develop upper body and core strength in ways fixed bars can't.

Large 32mm hand-finished beech rings; 234mm outer diameter and 170mm inner diameter, combined with high strength 38mm webbing straps with printed length measurements and robust clasp safety buckles.

Rings designed to meet the rigours of advanced training, and to last repeated abuse.



Enhance Your Training With Fitness Rings

Combine stability training; activating your core muscles and utilising a much wider range of upper body muscles, with strength exercises to develop a fully rounded upper-body physique.


How Will Gymnastics Rings Help Your Training? 

Fitness rings, also known as gym rings, provide a huge range of exercise possibilities; some based on variations of exercises utilising fixed bars, and some not possible on any other equipment. Ring rows are a good exercise to start off with. The difference with this exercise over the standard inverted row being that the rings allow much more freedom with the rotation of your shoulder (posterior rotator cuff) and wrists. The Bulgarian Ring Row is a variation on the standard ring row in which your arms should be inline with the rings and straps at the start of the movement, with your body at a declined 45 degree angle; legs raised.


Advanced Ring Training

Ring dips are an advanced version of the standard bodyweight dips you can perform on the Pull Up Mate, but requiring much more strength in order to maintain a solid body posture for performing the dip. As well as holding your bodyweight, you’re also holding the gymnastics rings against your body, which adds an extra level of strength necessary to perform cleanly.


Potential Ring Exercises

Other potential exercises you can perform using fitness rings include L-sits, V-Sits, ring handstands, ring fly, one arm ring row, ring pushups, ring muscle ups, ring roll out, ring pullup/chin up, front lever, and the hugely impressive ‘iron cross’.

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