Do you deliver to *[ insert my country ]* ?

Yes, we deliver worldwide.

How long does delivery take?

For stock items dispatch takes between 5 and 10 days, depending on which day you order (i.e. if you order on a Friday afternoon or over the weekend it could be more like 10 days). Our target is always to dispatch within 2-3 days however. Shipping is usually within 24-48 hours for UK, 5-7 working days for Europe, and 7-10 working days for other international destinations. However, since Brexit shipping companies have been experiencing delays of 30 days and more. We are unable to guarantee delivery times in Europe because of this.

What exercises can you use Pull Up Mate for?

You can use Pull Up Mate for a almost endless range of exercises and fitness techniques For example vertical straight knee raises. vertical bent knee raises. vertical straight leg raises. vertical bent leg raises. supine row. pull ups. modified pull ups. press ups. assisted press ups. modified press ups. and so on. Check out our YouTube channel to view the complete range: Pull Up Mate Worldwide

Can the Pull Up Mate be used when compact as well as extended?

The wide-grip bar on the Pull Up Mate allows for standard dips and other exercises when compact and full regular and wide-grip pull ups when extended.

How sturdy is the Pull Up Mate?

Unlike the numerous copies on the market, the Pull Up Mate is manufactured using laser-cut 2mm steel. We manufacture ourselves to very small tolerances, to ensure all parts slot together with ease, and so that prolongued use does not affect these tolerances. The result is a strong, durable pull up bar that lasts.

Can Pull Up Mate be used for muscle Ups?

We don't recommend muscle ups for the standard Pull Up Mate because Pull Up Mate is designed to be portable. However, the Pull Up Mate 2 can be used for muscle ups, lever training, and human flags.

What is the maximum weight a person should be to use Pull Up Mate?

We recommend 120Kg as the maximum user weight for the Pull Up Mate, and 150Kgs for the Pull Up Mate 2.

How compact is Pull Up Mate?

When disassembled, the Pull Up Mate will easily fit under a standard bed or behind a sofa. It will fit into a car without question.

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