Pull Up Mate Warrior Pack Pre-Order

Pull Up Mate Warrior Pack Pre-Order

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Christmas Pre-Order (Delivery w/b 6th December 2020)

The Ultimate Pull Up Mate Home Gym Package

You've seen the Pull Up Mate. You know the deal. The Pull Up Mate is revolutionary - there's no doubt about it. With tens of thousands of units sold, it's taken the World by storm.

Now, however, the real fun begins.

We've put together the Ultimate Pull Up Mate package for those truly serious about building a beast of a body, with a combination of our top products that completely transforms the standard Pull Up Mate into the ultimate beast-mode pull up companion.

 Full height pull ups
 Advanced calisthenics exercises
 Steady learning and progression curve
 Beginner to Advanced Level Training

Plus, don't forget, you can pack all this away almost completely flat, and store it under your sofa out of the way. There's no eyesore of a power tower sitting in the corner of the room with clothes hanging off it. And no lengthy assembly times where you spend half of your Sunday morning setting up the equipment.

It's simple, quick, and easy to set all the equipment up within a few short minutes. Just check out the videos for proof!


The Pull Up Mate Warrior Pack is here. Are you up to the challenge?


Package content include:

  • Pull Up Mate
  • Close Grip Adapter Kit
  • Pull Up Mate Height Extension Kit
  • 1 x Bag

Total Cost If Purchased Separately: £199.90


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