You can build strong abs and a tight waistline at home with minimal kit. If you’ve got parallettes or a set of parallel bars, you’re ready to go!

Abs training workout with parallettes and parallel bars

 3 Killer Ab Exercises To Do On Parallel Bars Or Parallettes 

These three abdominal and core exercises can easily be done at home in just 10 minutes a day on kit which takes up hardly any space. Dynamic leg raises work the ab muscles isometrically and mainly target the rectus abdominis muscle and the internal and external oblique muscles. Tuck planches challenge the entire body, including the core, lower back, and obliques. And L-sits (which can be progressed to V-sits) work deep into the core to strengthen the deeper muscles that support the abs.


Best done on parallettes (but can also be performed on parallel bars). Sit between the bars with your arms locked out. Lift your legs so they are at a right angle to your body. Hold this position, breathing naturally, for up to 30 seconds.
Make it easier: if a full L-sit is too challenging, start by doing a tuck hold, with your legs in a v-position and knees bent.

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   Tuck Planche

This full-body strength exercise will challenge your core as well as your abs. A tuck planche is best done on parallel bars. Take hold of the bars and rock your weight forward onto your shoulders, with your legs hanging below you. Once you have your balance, move your bent legs under your body using your abs to create a strong tuck. Your hips should be level with your shoulders.
Make it easier: supporting your feet on an elevated surface (like a bench) or Swiss ball.

   Leg Raises

Use parallel bars for this basic but effective ab exercise. Hold the bars and lock your arms out. Take both legs out in front of you, using your abs to create the movement and avoiding momentum. Take your legs to at least a right angle, or higher if you can. Control the movement on the way down. Aim for 15-20 reps.
Make it easier: bend your knees so your legs are bent rather than straight out in front of you.

Leg Raises

These workouts not enough for you?

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