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12 Week Transformation

The Program


"I’m really, really happy. I’m buzzing! Big improvements... especially press-ups, dips. To be able to do a pull up now, after 12 weeks. It’s top drawer.

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What a journey it has been! It’s been fantastic. I’ve managed to shed a load of body fat; shed a load of weight. So I’m over the moon.

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The 12-week Transformation takes 5 people on a journey from humble beginnings to heroic achievements, guiding them every step of the way and tracking their progress at every stage.

Contestants were selected from a list of applicants, given the tools and advice needed to follow the plan, and sent on their way. Following the Pull Up Mate X plan, each and every person noticed an immediate and on-going improvement in not only their physical appearance and abilities, but also their mental health and happiness. Knowing that they were making progress, they all dug deep and realised goals that impressed even the Pull Up Mate personal trainer, David.
The results speak for themselves.

Based on the Pull Up Mate X Fitness and Nutrition Guide, this 12-Week Transformation Plan has been a tough, but ultimately hugely rewarding commitment for all five of the contestants. Follow their journeys in detail below.

We can’t guarantee a 6-pack, but we can guarantee you’ll have the tools you need to get you there yourself. Once you’ve made that decision to take on the challenge, stick to it. Just like these guys have done. The transformation will change your life.

Steph Exercising
Charlie Exercising
Alex Exercising
Zack Exercising

The Tv Show

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The Journeys


Weight Loss Fitness Journey


Burned 15 Kilos body fat

“What a journey it has been! It’s been fantastic. I’ve managed to shed a load of body fat; shed a load of weight. So I’m over the moon.“

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Toning Shaping Journey


Achieved Her First Pull Up

“When you see your improvements in writing, it’s amazing. You don’t realise how well you’ve done, until you do these kinds of things“

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Strength Performance Journey


From 9 to 25 Pull Ups

“The program works. The first week I started with 9, now I just banged out 25 Pull Ups. It’s more than I could have asked for!“

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Weight Muscle Gain Journey


Gained 12kg Muscle Mass

“I finished 12 weeks, I’m feeling strong and better than ever. All the hard work I’ve put in, giving it 110% throughout, it’s all paid off!“

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Public Vote & Prize

Luxury Spa Break For 2

For the winner we're gifting something their bodies have been crying out for for 3 months now - a Luxury Spa Break For 2!

We're massively proud of what these guys have achieved. To be fair, they all deserve it; they've all made massive gains in their own areas; whether that's losing weight, building core or muscle strength, improving body condition, and so on. Still, we need someone to win the prize! We're opening this up to a public vote. It's over to you lot to pick your winner.
Who impressed you the most? Who absolutely smashed it? Which one broke through all their boundaries and achieved so much more than you expected?

Once voting opens you'll be able to share your vote with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, or via Email or SMS to help your favourite win the Luxury Spa Package prize.

And The Winner Is...


You've voted in your hundreds, but the winner always seemed clear from the start.

Zak made quite an impression on the Pull Up Mate community; proving that hard work, determination, and drive can push you past your own limits into new realms of strength and ability. Zak lost 15 Kilos during the program, reduced his 5k time by 4 minutes (!), and can now rep out 12 full pull ups without problem, and is well on his way to bettering these figures even now.

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Here's to Zak, and the achievements he's realised throughout his journey. And here's to the other 3 contestants that made it through with huge gains all round, smashing their targets. We couldn't be more proud of your achievements guys. Thank you!


Stay tuned for more transformation challenges coming soon!

The Trainer

David Bissell


I'm very pleased to welcome anyone reading this to Pull Up Mate X, where good health and fitness is in your hands. The plan, taking a full year to design and construct, is your one-stop-shop for working out with a Pull Up Mate. Taking our group of guys and girls through the 12-week transformation was an extremely proud moment for me. Not only did I get to enjoy seeing them live the plans I had put so much effort into, but I also was able to witness first hand how the results our plan achieved for them had impacted their lives in such a positive way. I hope you take inspiration from their journeys, and that PUMX can help you achieve your goals, too!

David Bissell - Pull Up Mate Trainer

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 WBFF Professional Fitness Model
 Creator of Pull Up Mate X
 City Athletic Pro Trainer
 Founder & President of MASS

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